Friday, August 29, 2008

Generation Kill

I just finished the new HBO 7 part miniseries Generation Kill, based on the book of the same name, this weekend and it is a definite must see. To summarize what it is about (thanks IMDB!) A Rolling Stone reporter, embedded with The 1st Recon Marines chronicles his experiences during the first wave of the American-led assault on Baghdad in 2003.

This show doesn't pull any punches you will laugh at the dark marine humor, cringe at the violence, and find yourself screaming at your TV at some of the ineptitude (Captain America anyone? Trust me, I'm not spoiling anything but you will be begging for some "Friendly Fire.") If you are looking for some huge war monger propaganda not look here. This show does not pull any punches on a lot of the fuck ups and mishaps during the 1st month of our "liberation" of Iraq and I commend Evan Wright for his work. (Nice running from the sniper btw)

Does this best HBO's best miniseries Band of Brothers? No way, but its pretty damn close.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This morning I read a blog from a girl I went to HS with basically lambasting Obama saying that the president needs to be a white man and bitching that Obama was once a Muslim. Well guess what. Obama was never a muslim. His father was.

then I hear today from my mother in law. "I don't even know why he is trying? they are gonna elect this fuckin black guy and someone is gonna shoot him. No matter what he is going to get shot"

Jesus christ I'm glad that we still have these views and total shit claims based on no facts at all.

Okay I'm done being Digg.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacation: Wednesday Update

Current Awesome Level: 2

Reason: Massive suckage due to rain and 60 degree weather. Though I'm not at work or where I would currently be which is on I94 driving home.

Location: Inside cabin, Deep Ceek Lake, Maryland

Activities: Sleeping, Reading, TV, Shopping, Eating

Drink: Kick Ass Coffee

Fuckin Weather. I love this place but hate the weather.

PS. Uno Rules.

Are you ready for some football...Fantasy football.

Yes I am a Fantasy sports geek. I play it in all 4 major sports and usually have 4 teams each season. However Football is probably my favorite. I have never played for money because I think I would obsess to much about it, though I'm sure I can win some money
Click here to see my performances

My team name for the last 5-6 years has been Dislocated Elbows. It came from me losing a league when my best player that year went out for the season right before the playoffs with a dislocated elbow. That sounds painful as fuck and it stuck.

If you are sitting there going what the fuck is this shit he's talking about then check out this

A lot of people think this is nerdy as hell and guess what? it is and I love it. To me it gives excitement to every game in the league not just your favorite team or a big time match up. I can watch other teams and enjoy the game cause I have a vested interest in it. you know you are truly hooked when a guy scores on your favorite team and you go FUCK YEAH because it just gave you a win in a league. I'm not sure what it is. The draft, especially a live one is great with all the shit talking and excitement for waiting for your pick. Its also the matter that in fantasy football you are always in it and can determine playoffs as a spoiler if your shitty team knocks off a guy on the bubble. It can be frustrating as hell especially if it happens to you(it has to I was pissed)

This is the 1st year I hadnt bought a book and done a lot of research. Hell I even missed my own league draft that I run online. So lets hope this year isn't a disaster.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


It's amazing that in 12 years of work, I have never had a full week off paid. Its always been a 3 day weekend or a day off here or there. But with the paid week off and throw in the weekends and Bonus Labor Day and BIZOW! 10 full days off in a row \m/

Tomorrow we will be traveling to a family cottage on the lake in Maryland. I'm excited to see it, even though there are no intertubez NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I have plenty of tunes and movies/shows and a copy of Stephen King's The Stand to past the free time when not out enjoying the weather.

Cabin and Lake view

So I'm off to soak in the rays and enjoy some much needed R&R

To those of you at work next week..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Taggin' Dat Music

I decided to whip my music collection into shape this weekend and get it all set up neatly so I can enjoy it more. I'm so sick of the radio playing the same 15 songs over and over and over. I keep hearing Daughtry and Leona Lewis every damn time I turn on the radio....I get it good songs but stop wearing that shit out!

Anyway I digress...I put them in folders by Artist, then title and then used MP3Tag to change all the tags and add all the fancy cover art.

It is a lifesaver super easy utility that everyone should have if you have mp3's/

It makes it so easy to label and add Tags as well as change your file name so its not. crazydudemix01_crazydude.mp3 or something lame ass like that.

Hell I even went a step further and used winamp remote and now I can listen to my tunes at work or on my 360. Read more about it here He sums it up better than I can. It was super easy to set up.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A story in Email

My best bud Dan and I would message back and forth to each other thru the course of the day at work before his work let him go earlier this year. and let me tell you its pure gold.

this was 2 and a half years worth of thoughts, arguments and statements which when counted today totaled 15,648........

Yea thats right, fifteen and a half thousand peeks into our demented mind and thoughs. Now I would share some of these golden nuggets with you right now but

1. there are 15,648 of them
2. You probably wouldn't understand half of what we say anyway since we have our own special (Helmet Special) sense of humor and phrases
3. 10% of them would probably have Jesse Jackson, the KKK, the FBI and basically every group on the planet knocking on our door. (the Government is probably hacking my emailz as we speak)

Just wait, one day I'm going to publish a book of all these, only two people will probably ever buy it (Dan and I) but it will be the funniest god damn book on the planet.

Stay tuned for nuggets of gold in the future if I feel up to it.

PS. If you have a job for my buddy hook him up! He's a hard worker I swear!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Firefox Hacks: Stylish

Here's a handy app that allows you some customization of your firefox browser via quick clicks.

Using that extension you can then go to and h4x0r your firefox to make it slim, prettier, more functional and tons of other little tweaks. Whats bests is you can preview the change before you add it and can easily remove it if it borks your FF.

Lifehacker had a great article on some terrific tweaks. Some I used and gave me a tone more browser space.

My favorites are the Auto-Hide the Bookmarks Toolbar and Hide the Edit and Help menus(who the fuck uses that crap anyway...everyone knows how to cut and paste)

You want a slick ass firefox browser, throw in stylish and tweak away. Have fun!

Friday, August 1, 2008

WTF Nerd!

I stepped into new depths of geekdom this week and you know what. I like it.

What I am referring to is a new show I just started watching which brings me into the realm of Sci-Fi Geektitude and that my friend is Battlestar Galactica

The show is pure nerd and I love it. It follows a fighter ship "Galactica" and its stories after a race of robots called Cylons, which man created, have destroyed mankind leaving only about 50,000 surviving members of the human race. The new twist is that the cylons have "upgraded" and mimic humans and not just the tin cans you see in the background above

Case in point ....

Take ME to your leader...

In case you didnt know shes a robotic bad ass.

This show mixes the perfect amount of sci-fi, action, great story line and cool visual effects. They have this certain camera view that is usually used in space that is just really cool to me, its hard to explain, its like a shaky zoom cam you see in some video games

an example can be seen here about 25 seconds in

Regardless I am catching up on it and recommend it if you are sci-fi fan at all