Sunday, July 27, 2008

King and Queen of The Douchebags

I pride myself in never seeing one second of this show called The Hills on MTV. From what I can tell it is a lame ass show that follows around 6-8 pampered socialites who have no grasp at all on the real world, but think their life is so hard.

Their life consists of Shopping, Drinking frozen lattes, crying, partying and dealing with "Drama"

Drama my ass...OH NO BRODY Is gonna be at the party I don't know how I'm gonna live! /buys $5,000 in shoes and drives home in my lexus to go to my "job" which is getting payed 10 grand to drink at a club.

Oh such drama....Try feeding a family on a low paying job that you actually work 60+ hours a week you spoiled cunt.

Anyway the WORST of them all is the super king and queen "Heidi and Spencer" Now I will admit I am a sucker for Celeb Gossip but I have no fucking idea how these two twats make money or are famous in anyway. the absolute shitfuck of it all is that everytime they are doing anything remedial like grocery shopping, going to a ball game, going to the park, looking at homes. it turns into this giant lame ass photo shoot. Porn scripts are less set up than these phonies.

Here are some "Highlights"


LOOK AT US WITH THE COMMONERS AT A DODGERS GAME (note how they are standing in front of the people who paid hard earned dollars for seats to enjoy a game...SIT THE FUCK DOWN YOU FUCKTARDS!)



ZOMG I totally didnt know you were getting me these 2000 dollar shoes!!!

GAWD!!!!!! It's like their whole god damn life is staged. Pamela Andersons Tits are more real than these two.

If you have lasted this long, Click here to enjoy Heidi's music video debut which too me looks like the same thing I would see on USA Network at 2:30 in the morning, the whole time I'm waiting for...WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU and a 1-900 number to pop up at the bottom.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Politics Gone Wild: Michigan Edition

what in the FUCK is going on in the state anymore. Every facet of government, small, medium or large has completely failed its public in every way shape and form.

Businesses are fleeing the state at record levels, the economy is total shit, people are losing their homes at alarming rates, and unemployment rates are the highest in the country (I have a friend who was let go and 2 months later still hasn't landed a job. My Aunt and Uncle also left the state for employment elsewhere. Best of Luck to them.)

Meanwhile the Mayor of the biggest city in the state is a total fucking piece of shit crook who can't stay out of trouble to save his god damn life. The guy is a total joke he cries about racism and this and that and how hes getting "hated" on. Just today he gets his bond revoked because he flipped shit on a detective serving a subpoena.

the best part of the whole story is this

"White's partner Kinney, a black woman corroborated with her partner's testimony and said that Kilpatrick harassed her and criticized her for working with White, who is white.

White's testimony including the statements that Kilpatrick asked her, "How can you be a black woman and be on this case? You shouldn't even be riding in a car with him, with a last name of White."

"`You should be ashamed of yourself,"' Kinney quoted Kilpatrick as saying. "`Why are you a part of this?"' "

LOL WHAT THE FUCK KWAME, Stop trying to make this out as a black vs white thing. this is a crooked fucking piece of shit vs a city who is tired of your lies and ways, you are grasping at straws and everyone is enjoying watching you implode.

Speaking of more power hungry "politicians" the school board at Willow Run Schools (My Aunt's former employer) has decided they can censor people at their whim

OH..Okay...who the fuck are you again? Just another power hungry prick with delusions of grandeur. Both cases are perfect microcosms of this state. A once proud and mighty entity that has been ruined piece by piece by corrupt and incompetent leadership. Hopefully winds of change will start to blow, because the state is in choppy waters right now.

I won't even start on the Governor and her mishaps I need to go to bed and don't have enough time.

Till next time......

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kick Ass Utility: Glary Utilities

I stumbled across this program the other day and decided to give it a whirl on the home pc and it is pretty cool and really simple to use. Best of all its FREE for private home use.

It has a simple 1 touch clean up routine and then tons of other little helpful modules.

Give it a whirl

The Dark Knight Verdict: BAD ASS!

So I finally ventured out and took in this movie last night and all I can say is Holy Experience Batman! Talk about an excellent movie, this movie blends in the perfect ebb and flow of action and dialogue and mixes in a few demented laughs and HOLY SHIT moments. It truly is a great film. The actors are terrific in it and Yes I do believe that Heath Ledger deserves serious consideration for an Academy Award for this. (No, not because he's dead and some people think that is why everyone is busting a nut over it.) No its because if you enjoy the essence of the film and see what he is doing with the character you see it is truly an amazing performance. He gives the character the total feel of psychopath with absolutely no rhyme or reason. There is no ulterior motive, he does just to do.

"I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do if I caught one. I just *do* things. I'm a wrench in the gears. I *hate* plans."
- The Joker

it was truly a great experience. Great cinematography, great sound, great action, great acting and great storyline all add up to a great movie.

See this.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

.....and done.

Finished off the last bit of the floor last night, now just need the trim work but here are some higher quality pix

Monday, July 21, 2008

25 Hours...and still going

My Weekend was a very "restful" one.

We spent 25 hours this weekend in 90 degree weather (my house doesn't have A/C) putting in hardwood laminate flooring in the dining room and living room. I am super sore and wore out but I am really happy with it. It really makes the house look a whole lot nicer than a beige fucked up stained carpet. (Note: 2 kids + 2 cats + 1 dog+ beige carpet = Fucked)

We have about 2 more feet to go and then ad in some trim and it will be all set.

You always hear the term sweat equity for do it your self projects. well in that case this was a 4 million dollar project.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pretty Good, Prettttty, Prettty Good

Your god wants you to laugh, therefore hes bringing back the tools to let you

Curb Your Enthusiasm is Back like vertebrae!

A buddy of mine let me borrow the first season a few years back and I was hooked. This show leaves you in stitches with the uncomfortable laughter and ridiculous people and situations. It leaves you thinking. Is Larry really that neurotic or is everyone in California just batshit nuts.

example: A newspaper Typo and everyone's in Larry's shit

I think the absolute hilarity of this show put up against the absolute shit that Jerry Seinfeld has put out (Bee Movie...DIAF) shows where the real creativity came from on Seinfeld.

If you watch it...get ready for more. If you don't...Start it will be well worth it.


So this is it. My new chunk of netz! Be Afraid....

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