Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I love FPS Gaming, I've been Playing them for over 10 years now (My first was Delta Force 2)

I played the hell out of all the DF series with various friends until Medal of Honor was released This opened me up to the world of WWII FPS and I wasted MANY Hours playing that and its sequels, then it was on to Call of Duty and MANY MORE Hours of playing with that. After awhile it grew thin and I moved on to Battlefield 2 with some friends. This was extremely fun but then the group I played with moved to COD2 at this point I was pretty tired of WWII games. I eventually bought the game and played it for about 3 weeks and was super pissed. It was like the same damn game as the original just prettier.

Enter 2006 and I bought an XBOX 360, November rolls around and COD4 gets released and Holy shit this is hands down the best FPS game Ive ever played. Its been a year and I still have played the shit out of this with buddies logged tons of time and still love. Alas all good things must come to a close. Today Call of Duty: World at War was released and though after COD2 I VOWED I would never buy another WWII game. I never even intended on buying this, but I started watching videos and seeing game play and my interest peeked and peeked.

Last week I downloaded the Beta MP demo and HOLY SHIT this was some major fun. It only had 3 maps but we played the shit out of it. I can't wait to get home and throw in this game that is mocking me sitting here on my desk at work.