Saturday, January 3, 2009

Books, Check em Out!

now that I have dished out some 80's pop culture on that ass I will continue.

I love reading. I've been reading since I was about 3, I would get Little Critters or Bernstein Bears books, even Comics at the store and read them over and over. I may do it slowly, the current book I'm reading, The Stand by Stephen King, I started in late August (gimmie a break its 1100 pages long) but its a great book.

There is something about books that I enjoy. The feel, the weight, the smell. Books kick ass.

That is the main reason I think why I'm just not sold on E-book readers. I love technology, I am a total geek,but there just seems to be something artificial about it that I just don't like. Maybe one day something will come along and change my mind, but for now. Give me bound paper.

A movie adaptation will never trump its book form. Your imagination kicks every directors and producers ass in bringing those words to life. You also miss out on so much just by seeing a film of a book rather than reading it. a good example is the Harry Potter series. So much has been left out of those movies, it's almost criminal.

Also have you ever seen a good movie based on a Michael Crichton book? Yes Jurassic Park is good but the book owns it so hard its not even funny. Lost World? Disclosure? Rising Sun? Timeline? GTFO! Steven Spielberg, Barry Levinson, Philip Kaufman and Richard Donner can all fist themselves. Crichton 4 You Guys 0.

Don't even get me started on anything made into a movie from a Stephen King Horror Story. (Shawshank and Green Mile get respect knuckles)

Anyway I can't believe that there are so many people that don't read out there, they are really missing out from pretty much pure laziness. Get on your asses and grab a book you mouth breathers!

Anyway off to Vegas and Boulder to finish off the epic tale of good vs evil before hoping into some David Sedaris and Chuck Palahniuk. Just wanted to stop by to let you guys know what you are missing.

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